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There is always something great to find here on our site and in all of the madness going on in 2016, as parents, it was easy to get caught up in everyday life. In the new year, we want to try and focus on bringing you new content on a more regular basis. Topics such as homeschooling, recipes, and taking care of YOU!! If there is something you would like to see featured, a company you want to know more about, or anything else your mind can dream up shared on our page, please feel free to send us a message through the Contact Form under the Contact Us tab in the dropdown above or just click here!! We love making our amazing readers happy!! We love hearing from you because it is one of the biggest things that helps to make our page great! Thank you so much for being a valued member of our community, and have a VERY happy New Year!!


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Is it just me?

As I am reaching the end of this pregnancy, and preparing to welcome our baby girl into our family, I have become more and more agitated by little things, tired all the time, and just plain lazy when it comes to doing anything that takes effort. This, to me, sounds absolutely horrible as I should be up, moving around, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking the meals… But I have zero energy, and the moments I do have the energy to accomplish anything I find myself fighting my 2 year old son who is at the stage of rebellion and pushing his limits with mommy to see how far he can go...

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What up & up™ Wants the World To Know

Diapering can be so very expensive and with all the options available today who really knows what to buy? Target has helped to make it a little easier for moms everywhere by offering an inexpensive, but dependable brand that can help to keep baby dry and not break the bank all at the same time! As a mom on a budget, finding a great deal AND something that works can be a task, but with these diapers, you are sure to be pleased, I know we are!! So, what, you might ask can...

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11 Things Every Expecting Mom Should Know

This is not my first rodeo in the baby department, but there sure are things you can learn every time you have a new addition to the family. I wish that someone had told me all of the things I had to learn on my own, but even though they didn’t, I am doing great and want to share some of the things I wish I had known before hand with you. Being pregnant can be an amazing experience for many women, and for some it can be very hard. It depends on many factors such as age, health, and...

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