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Who doesn't love learning toys?

My son has grown up with many of the toy in the vTech line. We have several other Go! Go! products, but for me personally, this one is the best! The pieces seem to snap together more snugly, and don’t just come apart like ones we have bought previously. I love that with this line, (the Go! Go! line) the toys, tracks and play-spaces are interchangeable. My son finds it amusing to build little cities and use the vehicles from one, on another. This little set is made extremely well, and honestly, my only complaint is that it took me so long to put together. It took about 45 minutes to get all the pieces sorted, and put....

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Win Big with Pampers!

As many of my readers know we started our potty training journey a few weeks ago and to-date had not had much success- that is until last week! Our little guy was so excited when he got a huge box in the mail and was even more pleased to get to rip it open. We actually followed some of the potty training tips I have heard from other parents, and said goodbye to diapers once and for all...
Be sure to check out our potty training adventures, and enter to win a $50 AMEX giftcard, and a pack of Pampers Easy Ups!!

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Tragedies by the Masses

We are only half way through the year and it seems that 2016 is becoming a record year for shootings of all kinds. From the attack in Paris, the shooting in Texas, the mass murders in Orlando, and now the police shootings in Baton Rouge and all the shootings in between, too many people have lost their lives much too soon.

These deaths are all tragedies and should have never happened. One of my closest friends lost many  people she knows and cares for in the Orlando massacre, and she used to hang out at the exact nightclub that all of this took place. She could have been.....


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