Build Home Value with Your Kids – Projects and Funding Options

Building value in your home is often easier said than done. In truth, anytime you paint, add, or update your home, the value should increase. However, with some renovations that is not always the case – for example, a deck addition. This article will provide three easy home projects and three money making resources to help fund your work.

The Projects

The key with any family renovation is to work on a project that children can enjoy. By giving the kids small chores to complete, you will help them build independence, responsibility, and self-value. Consider these projects that will improve home value:

A Garden

I love to garden with my wife and our nieces and nephews. There are several proven positive physiological effects from gardening. When preparing for such a project, make sure to include an ‘adult’ and ‘child’ garden section. In our experience we’ve found that younger children enjoy tasks such as weeding and planting because they’re visually able to see all the progress they’ve made.

Hank’s Tip: Have children make signs for the different plants in the garden; this is a great science/coloring opportunity. Also, check out this awesome DIY for raised garden beds.

Update Doors and Windows

This is a relatively cheap project and can have both an environmental and financial impact on your home. Getting the kids involved is easy; have them ‘recycle’ the old frames into another fun painting project.

Hank’s Tip: Use old window frames in the garden. Also, if you need to recycle anything check out this resource.

Add a Reading Nook to a Guest Room

Have a room that is not used very often or a basement that can be fixed up? Use a few book shelves, a futon or two, and create a reading nook. You will not only give your children a space to read and relax in private, but the space can double as a guest room.

Hank’s Tip: Leverage Craigslist to get high quality items at a low cost and don’t forget to organize your new room! Decorating can also provide color and pop to your new space, incorporating your children’s crafts or other cool DIY projects into the décor will involve them in the home improvement process.

Funding Options

Whether you’re just starting out on your DIY renovation or a seasoned professional, funding is always a concern surrounding projects such as these. Below are a few tips you can leverage to make some easy money with your home:

-Blog Blog Blog-

Blogging can be time consuming, but it is a lot of fun! Take photos of your home and start a website about your projects. If you are feeling community minded, you can try and launch your project on GoFundMe or other crowdfunding options.

Hank’s Tip: Don’t be spammy. Be sure to include resources in your work to expand upon your points and provide additional value to your readers. A great beginner’s guide can be found here.

Rent Your Home

Going on vacation? Have an extra room? Rent out a room or your entire home on the popular vacation rental sites like VRBO and Airbnb. Keep in mind however that it is especially important to vet any and all potential tenants carefully.

Hank’s Tip: I like to use this resource to screen renters before allowing them in my home. It is important to have a background check and criminal history for the people that live in your home.

Sell at a Farmer’s Market

Take older home items to the local farmer’s market or swap meet. I have found that that the face-to-face nature of these types of events is beneficial for selling used home goods, as it helps establish trust between you and the buyer.

Hank’s Tip: Buy a few items on craigslist, add a coat of paint, and sell them at the market. Here is a great resource for refurbishing old wooden furniture.

Have any additional tips or resources? Share them in the comments below and let’s build value in our homes together!

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