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Every parent knows the importance of starting early when it comes to childhood development and learning through play is one of the major ways babies begin to teach themselves about the world around them.

Tomy Lamaze has created many amazing toys and products that can help to encourage little minds to grow and learn in simple ways! I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with them, and received 2 very cool items. The Lamaze Foot Finders, and the Lamaze Munching Max squirrel. Both of these products are rated for children 0+ and even my 2 year old found them fascinating.

Tomy Lamaze Foot Finders

lamaze-high-contrast-footfinders-toy-733-pThe foot finders are something we have actually bought previously for my son when he was first learning to reach for his little piggies, and upon opening them I had a flood of memories from those days hit me like a 30 foot wave! It took everything in my pregnant, emotional self, not to just cry endlessly as those days are something I very much miss! Thankfully, we have many more memories to make, and I can relive lots of those moments in a new way with our daughter.

These are a great little item to help rouse your child’s interest in their body parts, and want to stretch and reach for those colorful, noisy little insects on their feet. The bee has a crinkly paper inside that makes them fun to grab, and the ladybug is simply pretty to look at. Either way, with or without the noise these are a sure fire way to grab your little ones attention.

The fit just like regular socks, and can be thrown right into the wash with your colored laundry. This makes keeping them clean and ready to go super simple!

They have lots of different designs and sets to choose from, different colored bugs, and even wrist accessories! These would make a great gift to buy for your own little one, or add it to your baby shower wish list!ff1

Tomy Lamaze Munching Max

pTRU1-24352993_alternate1_dtIf you hate toys that make noise, this isn’t for you, but if you don’t mind it as long as baby is happy, then by all means, grab you a few of these cute little critters! We received the squirrel, and this has been taken over by my son! He will be 2 in a few days and still finds it fascinating.

You simply pull the little cord on top, and the squirrel “eats” the acorn. How cute is that? It has tons of colors and seems to be incredibly durable. I have emailed customer service to find out about cleaning options as I don’t want to throw it in the washing machine and ruin it.

I would imagine as long at there are no electrical components, it should be fine, but I am still waiting on a reply and will update this post below once I know something.

This little guy can be clipped to a carseat, crib, or stroller. My son just drags him around and takes him wherever he goes. It has not come apart, lost pieces, or stopped working yet, so I think it is safe to say this is a pretty durable little guy. There are several options such as an octopus, owl, piggy, and more. So no matter what your little likes, you can be sure to find it at Tomy Lamaze.


Tomy doesn’t just cater to infants, they have toys for all ages. If you want to find out more about their selections, you can find them in many stores online. You are sure to find the perfect item for your child’s age and style. You can find all of their links below!!


Here is some helpful info from Tomy & buybuybaby:

how soon should you start giving baby toys for educational purposes?

Babies begin learning about their world as soon as they arrive, so it’s never too early to choose toys to aid in development. Encourage baby to learn by introducing age-appropriate toys within the first few days of birth.

in what ways do toys help your baby’s development?

Toys help babies learn and develop in a five important ways. Most toys are created to encourage development in at least one of the following areas.

1 – Sensory skills.
The five senses-sight, sound, smell, taste and touch-help baby gather information about his world and process that information.
2 – Gross motor skills.
Coordination of the large muscle groups, which consist of the arms, legs, back, head and neck and abdomen, enable baby to control his body and navigate his world.
3 – Fine motor skills.
Development of the small muscle groups, including hands, fingers, mouth and eyes, will build hand-eye coordination.
4 – Cognitive skills.
This critical area of development involves a child’s ability to think, process information, learn and solve problems.
5 – Social skills.
A child’s ability to interact with others, including display emotions and desires, helps him communicate effectively with his parents and others.

If you aren’t familiar with Tomy Lamaze, be sure to stop by and check them out today!!

If you would like more information on educational toys and how to pick the right ones for your littles, check out this article from – A-Z Educational Toy Guide: Learn by Playing with your Kids

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