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As I am reaching the end of this pregnancy, and preparing to welcome our baby girl into our family, I have become more and more agitated by little things, tired all the time, and just plain lazy when it comes to doing anything that takes effort.

This, to me, sounds absolutely horrible as I should be up, moving around, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking the meals… But I have zero energy, and the moments I do have the energy to accomplish anything I find myself fighting my 2 year old son who is at the stage of rebellion and pushing his limits with mommy to see how far he can go.

On the rare occasion that I have an urge to do something, I may even be overdoing it a little because I know once it passes that it could be days or even weeks before I am motivated again. I find myself feeling like a horrible mother, and wife because this is not who I am. I am the mom who wants to play with her kid, go to the park, or out in the yard and run around. I am the wife that packs hubby a fresh lunch every morning, does the laundry, cleans the house, cooks an amazing dinner, and still makes time to cuddle or watch a movie together. Could it be guilt I am feeling? Or maybe it is just the hormones! I hate not feeling adequate but I am also growing daily as my belly gets more round and things seem to be harder and harder to do. Simply taking a shower and washing my feet is a job in itself, not to mention getting dressed afterwards! HA! You should see me fighting my pants after a refreshing shower just to find that I cannot bend and reach that far! I honestly feel helpless these last few weeks.

Am I alone?? Do other pregnant moms go through these same feelings of frustration and anger and just simply want to give up and sleep til baby gets here???

What I wouldn’t give to have a burst of energy that lasts for several days at this point, but I lost my lucky wishing coin and the genie has seemed to of left her bottle! Instead of wishing, and hoping to feel better, I decided to do a little research and see what other moms like me go through and how to help boost energy at the end of a pregnancy.

What I found is that many moms change their moods, and energy levels simply by changing what they are eating, walking more, and sleeping as often as possible. For me, that is hard to accomplish as my son has no concept of what naptime means. For him it is fun time to run back and forth and bring me all the objects he can find between his bedroom and where I’m sitting! He then proceeds to name them and insists that I name them with him as we shuffle back to his bed for the 148th time in 25 minutes! We even do this at bedtime some nights, but others he dozes right to dream land and allows mommy to rest! The food bit though seems to be doable, and actually works depending on what you are eating. in the last few days I have started eating more fruits and veggies than normal, and added even more iron into my diet by eating things I have NEVER eaten such as liver pudding, and the like. Yeah, I know, it sounds gross, but when you fry in up it is delicious!!!

Anywho! The exercise bit is harder as the only places I can go right now are in my own yard with my son. I would love to take walks but for some reason our neighbors do not believe in fences and allow their dogs to run free. This is obviously something I can’t change, but playing outside with little man seems to help a bit and getting a fence in our yard might be just the thing we need with another baby on the way. Hey, a mom can only run in one direction at once!!

So, do you or have you, gone through these feelings and dealt with these issues during pregnancy? If so I’d love to know what your experience was and how you dealt with it. What tips can you offer other moms to help them feel more useful, and less like I do right now?


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How do you sum a person up in a few short lines? Sheesh!! Well here goes, I am a 30 something year old SAHM and blogger. I grew up in the country. Born and raised in NC. I am a mother to 2 amazing kids, wife to an awesome husband, and all around happy person who loves life! I am curious about all things pertaining to parenting, and everyday becomes a brand new learning adventure for me and my family. I love being able to share my experiences, give advice, and help others to be as successful as possible!

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9 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  • lynzy

    You’re definitely not the only one! I’m sure it’s completely normal! 😉 Such an exciting time even though it’s difficult now! Congratulations!! 🙂

  • Akhil Sharma

    I am also like you. I feel super charged before executing any task, but start yawning within a few minutes. I guess it is something related to the mind. When I set small goals and see my objectives clearly, I don’t feel laziness.

  • Kelly Reci

    You’re not alone honey, being lazy is a given! your baby is getting nutrients from your own body, you need to be healthy and relax the whole time of pregnancy, you can be lazy every time you want to. Your only job for being pregnant mom is to stay healthy and strong, your baby and your 2 year old son need you to be healthy. So dont worry about it! It is normal.. 🙂 cheer up!

  • Wren

    Each of my pregnancies was totally different. The last one I was nauseated ALL THE TIME. Did not matter what I ate or how much walking or stretching I did, I just always felt sick. This caused me to be moody and tired all the time and it was hard finding things I wanted to eat. I just wanted soup all the time. Hot and Sour soup from my favorite chinese place, to be exact.