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When it comes to feeding our babies, we only want the best for them. For some moms, the opportunity to solely breastfeed isn’t available because of having to go back to work, a low supply, or a million other reasons. For me, it was that my little angel wasn’t satisfied after feeding for over 45 minutes. I decided it was time to do something about it. Now, 2 weeks and 4 new bottles later, she has started gaining weight, is getting her fill, and is a lot happier than she was in the weeks before.

Currently I am breastfeeding and bottle feeding, so having a bottle that can ease the transition from breast to bottle and back again makes my life a million times easier. That is why we chose to try the NUK® Simply Natural™ line. These bottles definitely do all that they say they will and more!! I was terrified of not having the same bond with my daughter as I was able to build with my son (who was solely breastfed on demand) due to having to use a bottle. But the nipple that comes with these bottles makes it so easy to transition back and forth. We maintain our closeness, while she gets all the nutrients she needs to grow strong and healthy.

The NUK® Simply Natural™ nipples have a variety of age ranges which include 3 holes with a slower flow for newborns, 6 holes for a medium flow (maybe 4-9 months in my opinion), and 9 holes that provide a faster flow for older babies who might demand more milk at once. This is a great concept, and works perfectly for us. The nipples also include a vent that can help to reduce the amount of air your baby is taking in and inturn help to prevent colic! The hole are meant to simulate moms breast making baby feel as if they are actually getting milk from mom!

The nipples are also very flexible and shaped just like your nipple would be inside of baby’s mouth. This is another perk of these amazing bottles. I only wish that these had been around 2 years ago when my son was still breastfeeding. On top of everything mentioned, they are incredibly soft. For babies, this is important since all they have known while traveling inside mommy the last nine months is softness!!

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For me, there isn’t another choice, as those I have tried before just didn’t work for us. But with the NUK® Simply Natural™ brand, I am confident my daughter is getting what she needs while helping she and I to be as close as ever!!

If you want to check them out for yourself you can grab a Newborn Gift Set at your local Walmart or Target, or you can check out the NUK website. (all links below)

I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

What comes in the set:

2 (5oz) Bottles with Slow Flow Nipples

2 (9oz) Bottles with Medium Flow Nipples

2 Fast Flow Replacement Nipples

3 Orthodontic Pacifiers-

(1) 100% silicone 0-3 month & (2) classic 6-18 month pacifiers

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Don’t forget to check them out on the web and follow them on their social media channels!! You can enter now to win 1 of 5000 Simply Natural bottles or 1 of 5 $500 giftcards!! Just visit their webisite below for more info, and more awesome products!! 


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