10 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips for Potty Training

  • Rosey

    My little one was scared of the flush I guess he thought he was going to go down too, lolol

  • Danne Reed

    I like the 10th! Don’t give up, yes, patience is the key to have a successful potty training.

  • Nicole Escat

    How I wish I have read this post when my son is starting to potty train. I’ll take notes of this, thanks!

  • klg1982

    potty training my first son was such a challenge. I am not looking forward to my second boy. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Amanda Love

    When it came time to potty train my daughter I did almost all of these. She just wasn’t ready but actually decided to do it on her own. I would say let them do it when they’re ready, and training pants are usually one of the best ways to go when it is time to potty train.

  • Jeanine Macintosh

    My 2 year old is slowly potty training right now! we are taking it slow and letting him do what he needs to do! I’ve never seen these pants before but I have heard great things about Ecoposh! I should check them out!

    • Dora Clemons Post author

      I think going at the child’s rate is always best. I see lots of people saying that they can do it in one day, but it just isn’t feasible to think a 2 year old can do that. Not in every case anyway. The Ecoposh underwear are really awesome. They really did blow me away, and I am hoping to get a few more pair. My little guy loves em.

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