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Diapering can be so very expensive and with all the options available today who really knows what to buy? Target has helped to make it a little easier for moms everywhere by offering an inexpensive, but dependable brand that can help to keep baby dry and not break the bank all at the same time! As a mom on a budget, finding a great deal AND something that works can be a task, but with these diapers, you are sure to be pleased, I know we are!!

So, what, you might ask can the up & up’s brand offer my family? Well how about this for starters:

  • The Target up & up™ diapers received the Mom’s Picks award for Best Value! AND they are a part of BabyCenter. I visit BabyCenter everyweek to keep up with milestones for my now 2 year old son, and to get pregnancy info while I am awaiting the arrival of our little girl next month! It’s one site I trust when it comes to opinions about products I am thinking of trying.
  • They have a New Breathable Outer Cover!  The new breathable outer cover is still as soft and cozy as ever. And now the enhanced breathability helps your baby’s skin to stay drier and healthier, too. After all, a comfortable baby is a happy baby, and everyone loves a happy baby!! My son wakes up sometimes soaked through his diaper, but lately that has not been an issue for us since we started using this brand.
  • They feature a New Quilted Absorbent Core.  The new quilted, ultra-absorbent core provides enhanced softness and fit for your little one. The unique design channels wetness and keeps it locked away to help support healthy, dry skin. There is nothing worse than seeing your little with a rash, or irritated skin from being too wet, with their quilted absorbent core, you can rest assured that the wetness gets locked away much better than most might think!

  • Who doesn’t love a Wetness Indicator?  Not sure if your little one needs a change? You can check the wetness indicator, which changes color to let you know when your baby is wet. This can help for those new-to-parenting moms and dads who have no clue if it is time for a change, and can help eliminate rashes due to prolonged wetness on that tiny little baby bum.
  • They offer Up to 12 Hours of Leak Protection.  It’s best to change babies, especially newborns, as soon as they’re wet, but it’s not always possible. up & up™ Diapers offer day and night leakage protection — and up to 12 hours of protection for sizes 3 to 6! This is great once you have your bitty ones on a schedule, and they are finally sleeping through the night (I sneak in and change my son in the middle of the night, but that was only after I learned he would sleep through a quick change!!).
  • These diapers have a Hypoallergenic Inner Liner.  up & up™ diapers feature Ultrasoft™ dryness liner on sizes Newborn through 2, which is clinically proven gentle on skin. Sizes 3 through 6 feature our Gentletouch+ dryness liner, which is soft and gentle, and all sizes are hypoallergenic. For sensitive skin, this is a great solution and can help you feel better about the material going onto your littles!

Another thing I love about up&ups that isn’t mentioned above, these diapers are actually a little larger than other brands. We have tried several, since my son has been wearing a size 5 diaper, and these give him the added room to move as he pleases without getting chaffed. He was able to stay in a size 5 instead of us moving up to a larger size, and this in turn also saved us money because all moms know that the bigger the size, the less diapers you get in the package.

Want to grab a sample of these diapers? Well head over now and sign up for yours HERE


(Only while supplies last, very limited supply)

These diapers offer a great value, and the price surely can’t be beat! At $4.99 for a Jumbo pack, that is a steal for most busy, budgeting parents. They come with 2 incredibly cute designs in the pack, and offer sizes Newborn to 6! (keep in mind these diapers have a little extra wiggle room!!)

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