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My son has grown up with many of the toy in the vTech line. We have several other Go! Go! products, but for me personally, this one is the best! The pieces seem to snap together more snugly, and don’t just come apart like ones we have bought previously. I love that with this line, (the Go! Go! line) the toys, tracks and play-spaces are interchangeable. My son finds it amusing to build little cities and use the vehicles from one, on another. This little set is made extremely well, and honestly, my only complaint is that it took me so long to put together. It took about 45 minutes to get all the pieces sorted, and put together in a functional manner.

I love the sounds it makes, the phrases from the little engine, and the ease in which my son is able to play with it. Anything that can occupy him more than 2 minutes is awesome in my book, and this gets a full 20-30 minutes every time he plays!
Overall, the quality is great, the educational value is amazing, and the fun factor is beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend this for anyone with kids over 2!! I do suggest that if they are more interested in tearing it apart than actually playing with it, put it away for a few months and pull it back out, by then they might have a little more interest in it. This happened with our son with his first Go! Go! toy and most of the pieces are now lost, but since then we have grown the collection into several vehicles, and playsets. This really is one of my favorites so far from vTech!!

Let me share some of the pictures I took while assembling it, and show you some of the amazing features:

We started by opening up this huge box…


The little train here is one of many options available, but this is the one that comes with it!! (Links below to some of the other vehicles you can purchase separately)


Here are all off the many pieces, well, at least what I thought was all of them. There are a few stuffed into the back of the big mountain piece that I missed in the beginning. 



It comes with tons of stickers that you can put on as you go, or after you are finished. I kind of done them as I went and used the pictures on the box as a guide. The instructions weren’t as clear as I would have liked when it came to this part!!


Here is my finished product… dun dun dunnnnnn….


Once assembled, it looks amazing! Getting it together is the hard part, lol!


I love all of the details, like the claw lift (above) and the colored holes for shape sorting! (below)




Some of my favorite things about this little set are the details. The side of this mini tunnel acts as a holder for the hammer. The hammer is used to knock the “bolders” through the hole and into the trailer attached to the train engine!


Something else I thought was really neat was the loader here, on the front of the mountain. See here, how the bolder is still inside the cubby? 


When the train pulls through, it pushes the lever to release the bolder into the trailer. This actually made me giggle a bit when I realized it! 



There are gears on the front you can turn and play with…


As well as this cool claw to help your little one load their train for the next trip around the track!!


For us, this is one awesome toy, and it has so much value outside of your normal day-to-day playthings! I love that it is big enough to share or play with all alone, and that it can be stored away so easily taking up hardly any room whatsoever. The Go! Go! Smart Wheels collections are a winner in my book and I really think they will be in yours too if given the chance.

You can check them out below by clicking the links, and you can also see what else vTech has to offer your littles!!

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Here are the links to purchase this train as well as some of the other cute vehicles, and additions that can help create a city for your tikes:

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VTech 80-146700 Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset

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